Tips for Raising Healthy Children

We all know raising respectful, well-adjusted children feels harder today than ever before. So if you’re struggling, you are not alone. Parenting kids is easily one of the greatest challenges in life.

As parents, our job is to mold, encourage, guide and teach our children to become “good people.”

Not a small task, so I wanted to boil it down for you. The article I reference below lists habits that help us create healthy, well-adjusted kiddos. It isn’t easy, but it is simple. Most of these apply to our children, no matter their age

I will give you a preview of the article, but please click over and read the sound reasoning behind ALL of these. As a Mom and therapist, I whole-heartedly agree with the author, Lauren Tamm! 

Tamm’s research suggests kids need these 12 things: 

  1. Boundaries – set by parents who are committed to upholding them
  2. Routine – predictability instills a sense of safety
  3. Early Bedtime – rest is essential for physical, mental and emotional growth 
  4. Empathy -taught by parents who also model it
  5. Hugs – physical touch brings connection and safety
  6. Playful parents -can result in emotional connection and quality time spent engaging in play
  7. Outdoor time – fresh air contributes to development of healthy bodies and enhances creativity
  8. Chores – gives a sense of responsibility and increases self-esteem
  9. More screen time limits – kids need to receive stimulation from the world around them
  10. Slow moving days – time for imagination, play, and parents to recognize their child’s giftedness
  11. Books read to them – assists in cognitive functioning, language and encourages bonding
  12. Music – improves cognitive functioning, and studies indicate music may increase mathematical skills,

Written by: Allison Wray