Tips to Stay Organized!

Let’s face it, life can be hectic! We have a million things to do and only a small portion of time to get them done. When one thing is out of order, it feels like a domino effect occurs. This leaves room for increased anxiety and frustration. 

Organization is one of the best and most common ways to combat this problem.

Recently I ran across an article for managing ADHD. It highlighted thirty-two ways to get organized. While helpful for those with ADHD, the list can apply to anyone. It includes so many great ideas and tools for even the most novice of organizers!

Three of my favorites are: 

  1. Use a planner. If you know me, you know that I live by my planner. I genuinely get a thrill out of choosing a new planner for the year. I can attest personally to the benefits of having and maintaining a calendar or planner. For me, a spiral bound planner does the trick! For others, a dry-erase calendar on the wall may be the most helpful. Various formats exist. Choose one that feels best suited for you and your lifestyle. Give it a try! It’s never too late to start.
  1. Have a brain dump. This phrase confused me. After reading the description in the article, it made sense. We have so much on our mind at times that it can be hard to process information. Get a sheet of paper or use a virtual note. Jot down all the thoughts that accumulate in your mind throughout the day as a way to sort through the clutter. 
  1. Get creative with visual reminders. Sometimes, no matter how organized we are, we just forget! We’re only human after all! Set little visual reminders to jog your memory about tasks that need to be done. One example of this is turning medicine bottles upside down when they’re running low. In my home, I keep a dry erase board on my fridge to write down kitchen items that need to be restocked. This comes in handy when it’s time for me to make a run for groceries. I snap a picture of my list and head out the door.  

There are so many ways to incorporate organization in your life! Find what works for you and your schedule. Slowly begin to implement these into your routine. Though it may take time to get organized, the time it saves in the long run is worth every minute of effort! 

Written by: Salima Hart