Why Walking Can be Restful and Impactful on Your Mental Health

Spring is in the air! 

If you’re anything like me, winter is HARD. While the idea of sitting by a warm fire with a hot cup of coffee in hand is tempting, my favorite thing in the world is to be outside in the sunshine as the world around me begins to bloom. 

One of my favorite things about spring is that suddenly the weather is so beautiful that I am able to walk outside without feeling like my limbs are going numb! I love feeling connected to nature. I spend time noticing the different trees and flowers in bloom–Cherry Blossoms, Magnolia trees, Peonies–I love seeing them begin to come to life after a long winter! 

As the pollen begins to clear, find time to take a quick walk outside.

It can be as quick as 15 minutes. Bring your phone (for safety reasons), but refrain from listening to music or podcasts. Take time to notice your surroundings. Listen to the birds. Look around for squirrels. Notice the flowers. Look at the houses in your neighborhood. Be attuned to how your body feels as you take each step. 

Studies have shown that walking can be great for sleep quality, stress reduction, anxiety and depression. Walking can also help to improve your mood, boost your self esteem and increase your energy levels. 

Build time into your schedule this week for a walk.

Notice how you feel before your walk and notice how you feel after your walk. Take time to listen to your mind and to your body. Reflect and thank your body for taking you on that walk. 

Written by: Brenley Martinez