Ways to Use Social Media for Your Wellbeing

In a world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tik Tok, it’s easy to feel like everything online is edited, filtered and perhaps even fake. Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and just felt like every photo you saw was of someone who has a better life than you? Or has a better body than you? Or has more money and is able to travel while you’re stuck at home? 

We all know social media has the potential to be toxic, but what if you want to use social media in such a way that fosters connection and authenticity?

  • Follow people and accounts that bring you joy.

Follow accounts that inspire you! Find pages with cute dogs or fashion tips. Don’t feel obligated to follow someone or feel pressured to interact with their posts if it isn’t life-giving for you. 

  • Reflect on if you are comparing yourself to someone or trying to make genuine connections.

Following your high school best friend and keeping up to date with her through Instagram is very different from following someone you had a class with one time whose posts make you feel insecure about your own life. Carefully consider whose accounts you follow for connection reasons, and whose accounts tend to lead you to the trap of comparison. 

  • Give yourself time limits on scrolling. 

Scrolling through social media can be mindless at times. Be intentional about the amount of time you’re spending on each app. Set a timer, set a reminder or go into your settings and actually put a limit on whatever app is most tempting for you. 

  • Be present.

It can be so tempting when you’re out and about to immediately Snapchat what you’re doing or post an insta story. While there’s nothing wrong with that, next time you are out with friends, try making the intentional choice to snap a photo and then put your phone away. Later on, take a look at your photo and post it if you like! This allows you to be present while also documenting your time with friends and family. 

Written by: Brenley Martinez 

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