Exploring Play Therapy Models

Understanding the concept behind Adlerian Play therapy will help you decide whether or not this approach is the best fit for your child.

Time to Play!

Beginning from birth, there are a variety of ways that caregivers can use play to help their children achieve their developmental milestones.

Why Play Therapy? Part 2

Now that you’ve decided play therapy is the best option for your child, we will explore what you and your child can expect moving forward.

Why Play Therapy? Part 1

Play provides numerous benefits. The most common being physical activity; emotional, social, and creative learning; as well as better communication skills.

Therapy for Children: Connecting Through Play


Many parents are skeptical about the therapeutic benefit of therapy for children.  A common question we are asked at GROW is, “Can my child really participate in therapy?” “Will they know how to express themselves?” The answer to both of those questions is an absolute yes. Play therapy is a research … Read More