The therapists at GROW work with clients who are dealing with addictions to a variety of things, including substances (drugs and alcohol), food, work, or relationships.

While the specific content of an addiction might be a mystery to friends and family (they might have never used heroin) the experience of addiction is common to us all.

We all, from time to time, have tried to use something or someone to make us feel better. At the core, that is what an addiction is. However, the problem it that it only works in the short run – in the long run when we use substances or people to distract us from our problems or pain, we end up crashing.

We help people deal with the core issue so that they can live a purposeful, meaningful, joyful life.

Let us help you reach your full potential.

Become more resilient, learn to develop better coping skills and begin to find meaning and joy.

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