Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise

We’ve all been told over the years that exercise has so many benefits for our mind, body, and soul. Researcher Wendy Suzuki is a neuroscientist who began investigating the correlation between exercise and the brain after she recognized in her own life what the impact of a more sedentary life … Read More

How to be a Man: Messages on Masculinity – Part 6

Our culture is consistently sending mixed messages about masculinity and sexuality. In this sixth part, we will examine those mixed messages and the statistics as presented in the documentary The Mask You Live In. Political scientist & educator Dr. Caroline Heldman says, “I call what we do to our little … Read More

Have ALL the Feelings! (Part 1)

A recent Time article looked at the link between a diverse emotional experience and inflammation, and found that people who report more diversity in their positive emotional experience also have lower levels of inflammation in their bodies. While some of the conclusions that can be drawn from this article are … Read More

Your Brain on Trauma

Typically, when things are going as they should, our brain processes things a certain way: We observe something that is happening, receive any input or context about the situation, interpret what is happening based on the information we have, process, evaluate our options, plan, and act. For the most part, … Read More

Embracing Empathy: Enhancing Children’s Capacity to Care About Others

 Simply put, empathy is understanding what others are thinking and feeling. At home, on the playground, and eventually in the workplace, we want our children to have the ability to tune into people’s emotions. Leading researcher Dr. Brené Brown says that empathy fuels connection. When children are empathetic, they show … Read More

2020 Best of Atlanta Award

GROW Counseling Receives 2020 Best of Atlanta Award Atlanta Award Program Honors the Achievement ATLANTA January 14, 2020 — GROW Counseling has been selected for the 2020 Best of Atlanta Award in the Counseling Services category by the Atlanta Award Program. Each year, the Atlanta Award Program identifies companies that … Read More

Changing Our Mind, A Matter of Choice

I was recently at a conference, and one of the main takeaways was that changing our minds can significantly improve functioning of our brains and our lives.  Scientist and presenter, Cathy Snapp, Ph.D., made a provoking statement, “Our genes are being bathed by our choices.” She went on to say … Read More

Misconceptions about Couples Therapy

Before deciding if couples therapy is right for you, it can be helpful to know what to expect. With that in mind, here are some common misconceptions, and what actually happens during a couples session. “If I go to couples therapy I’m just going to listen to my spouse complain … Read More

Eat Your Way to Mental Health

The old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. According to recent research being done in Australia and the UK, it may also keep the psychiatrist away! According to this article, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption can have positive effects on mental health; similar to the well-documented … Read More