The Benefits of Exercise and Being Outdoors

In a world that is technology-driven, our teenagers are spending more and more time in front of their cell phones, TVs, computer, and gaming systems, and less time outdoors. Many of them are developing screen addictions, which are linked to depression and anxiety. However, there is significant research indicating that … Read More

Follow Your Feelings

Our society is often very logical. It is usually the expectation as an adult that you will be able to explain and justify your actions, and “I felt like it” isn’t typically acceptable when someone confronts something you’ve done that they disagree with. Furthermore, our feelings can be unpredictable, and … Read More

Talking with Your Teens After Tragedies

There has been a lot of coverage and discussion around shootings and tragic events recently. The shooting in Parkland has hit home for many families and is prompting discussions and questions from adults and teens alike. Many parents are unsure of how to navigate these potentially loaded conversations. Teens are developmentally … Read More