Michael Phelps and How Therapy Can Make a Difference

We often believe, “If I had their life (a person more successful, with a bigger paycheck, etc…) I would be so happy!” Can you imagine a “better life” than being the most decorated Olympic athlete in history? That is the life Michael Phelps was living, but after two Olympics and … Read More

How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress

Looking for a new way to help reduce your stress? Research indicates that spending time in the soil, and nurturing vegetation through gardening can help reduce stress levels over time. Some benefits of gardening include… feeling connected to nature and living organisms the opportunity to serve as a nurturer a … Read More


Wanderlust: the intense desire to travel.  Personally, when I think of that word, I immediately begin planning my next exploration trip. My creative brain begins to engage, and I start researching places to go. From the time I was little, I always liked to be on the go. I loved … Read More

Depression and Habits

Brushing our teeth, bathing, putting on pants before we leave the house – we all have habits that we maintain, even when we are beginning to feel depressed. If the depression gets bad enough, some of those habits may go by the wayside. But when we are first sliding into … Read More

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder (BED) is different from other eating disorders. It involves recurrent binge eating without the use of other behaviors such as purging, excessive exercise, or laxative use. It is important to understand that binge eating is different from simply overeating. Binge eating episodes occur more frequently and typically … Read More

Easing Your Child’s Transition to a New School

As a new school year approaches, it is normal for your child to experience back-to-school jitters. When transitioning to a new school, a child may be experiencing an increase in emotions such as uncertainty, anticipation, and curiosity. Whether your child is transitioning from middle to high school or starting school in … Read More

Is it Anxiety or Just Stress?

We all feel stress. It is part of our human condition. However, at times, our stress may develop into anxiety, which takes us into a new realm beyond stress, worry and nervousness. Anxiety may feel like some or all of the below: You feel irritated frequently and easily. You are … Read More

A Mindset of Successful Grieving

When there is a meaningful loss, grief is unavoidable. Whether it is the loss of a mate, a parent, a child, or even a dream, loss is a part of the human condition and, therefore, a universal experience. It is not a question of whether we will experience loss and … Read More