Grief Part 3 -Helpful Ways to Support

Welcome to the final post in our grief series. It’s time to offer practical “rights” and tips for supporting yourself or another person in grief. Part of grieving is coming to the recognition that there is freedom to do so. In the “Mourner’s Bill of Rights, you have the right to experience … Read More

Sex Trafficking: Not Just Girls

The conversation around sex trafficking is becoming more common, as organizations such as the End It Movement work to shed light on an issue that is largely hidden in society. Even as the discussion of sex-trafficking expands, we’re still not getting the full picture. We tend to assume only women … Read More

Grief and Loss of Identity

Grief is like a tsunami.  It overwhelms, with waves of unexpected emotions and uncertainty.  Additionally, there is a hidden undercurrent that can create more to cope with than the primary grief- the loss of identity.  The grieving person often wrestles with the question “Who am I now?”   Any type … Read More

Establishing Boundaries with Your Divorcing Spouse

According to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, divorce ranks as the second most stressful event in life. If you are going through, or even contemplating divorce, you should know that the stress of divorce is probably going to wear you down. In my work with divorcing couples and individuals, I have … Read More

Depression and Other People

Human beings are profoundly social creatures. Through the mechanics of things like mirror neurons, our brain is significantly influenced by the presence of other people. When we are beginning to feel depressed, we can use the power of other people to help us right the ship. Here are some ways … Read More

How Are You Still Single?

Southern culture has created many expectations for dating and marriage. If you grew up in the south, you have probably heard the phrase “I went to college to get my Mrs. degree.” So often, many of us assume that we will meet the man or woman of our dreams in … Read More

Grief Part 2 – Stages of Grief

If you’re keeping up with our series on grief, today’s post may feel a bit contradictory. Although there is no set timetable or experience of grief for every person, two models exist that help explain what grief might look like. The stages of grief are not meant to be prescriptive, … Read More

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking. Most of us hear those words and think of an issue that is distant—something that happens in other parts of the world, or to other groups of people…Not something that could happen in our city, community, neighborhood, or family. Unfortunately, the reality is, the issue is much closer … Read More

The Loneliness Epidemic – Part Two

If you missed part 1 of this short series, head over to the archives to catch up on the discussion of this NPR article. So, if the reality is that Americans are more lonely than we’ve ever been, what do we do about that?  My work with clients supports the … Read More