Mental Health Stigmas in the Black Community

In honor of Black History month, this blog discusses the stigmas within the Black community regarding mental health, and remembers the Black pioneers within the field of psychology. The stigmas of society often send the message that Black men and women shouldn’t complain when they are struggling with emotions, and … Read More

Why is My Relationship Off to a Rocky Start?

I see countless young couples in my office, who describe early dating experiences as “rocky,” and continue to explain how these brief moments still persist. They have professed their deep love and commitment to one another, despite the length of time they have known each other. They feel bonded, but … Read More

Pleasurable Activities: But What if I Don’t Want to?

Depression can be characterized by low motivation, lack of interest, fatigue, and negative thoughts. Those feelings, along with negative self-talk, can lead us to engage less, stay home more, and sleep longer. Sometimes, when we feel depressed, the last thing we have motivation for is an activity. It can be … Read More

Valentine’s Day: A couples approach to navigating sex.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, once again. As we approach a day that is supposed to be about love, affirmation, and connection, couples can overthink the idea of Valentine’s Day. We can get caught up in the idea of a romantic dinner that is going to cost a few hundred … Read More

Note to Self: Let’s Get Real- Part One

At times, everyone struggles with what is and what could be. Perhaps one of the hardest arenas for this tension is in our inner world, our image of self. While having ideal desires is human, it can promote a battle between our “ideal” and our “real” selves. Without guardrails, the … Read More

Relationship Review- Part Two

This is part two of this series on Relationship Review. Click here for part one! The abundance of smart phones, and other media devices, has redefined our human interactions. Sadly, many users have become more comfortable with on-screen communication than a personal phone call or a face-to-face conversation. Technology has … Read More

Exploring Attachment While Valentine’s Day is Approaching

The air is chilly, and February 14th is coming quickly. Valentine’s Day!! To many, this means making dinner reservations, getting chocolates, flowers, or planning to spend time with their significant other. To others, it is a day that reminds them of their singleness. Given our personal attachment styles and our … Read More

Trauma & EMDR- Part Three

Francine Shapiro, the creator of EMDR (I’ll explain EMDR later in the series), defines trauma as “any event that has had a lasting negative effect… When you lose your peace of mind, or if you never had it, there can be serious physical and psychological consequences no matter what the … Read More

What is Bilateral Integration and How Can it Help Us?

Dan Siegel is a psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher at UCLA. If you’ve ever read anything about mindfulness, you’ve probably interacted with some of his work. According to Siegel, well-being is all about integration. This kind of integration can help us manage stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also help us … Read More