Family Counseling

Families are all different in shapes and sizes, but every family handles a variety of stressors as they navigate getting needs met, resolving conflict, and communicating clearly. Our therapists are specifically trained to understand and meet the unique developmental needs of each member of the family unit – children, teens, and parents.

Through a variety of techniques such as play, family collaboration, co-parenting facilitation, and parent education we seek to equip your family with the tools you need to be connected and strong.

Family counseling works to strengthen the family unit through utilizing the inherent strength of the relationships to resolve conflicts impacting the family’s level of functioning and help them to assume individual responsibility for the problems. Individuals and their families who are experiencing a wide range of issues including depression, substance abuse and relationship problems can benefit from a family therapy approach.

Licensed marriage and family therapists have been thoroughly trained and educated to assess and effectively treat psychological conditions and poorly functioning families. Which family members attend family counseling sessions will depend on the unique needs and circumstances and may include all or only some members, as well as individual sessions.

The counselor aids the family in understanding more clearly how their family functions and in what ways the family system is contributing to relationship conflicts and individual physical or psychological illness. Families learn alternate strategies for handling problems and developing more positive interactions. When family counseling is initiated due to the behavior or illness of a specific member, the counselor can work with other members to better understand the individual’s condition, how it impacts the family as a whole and in what ways their own behaviors may have contributed to maintaining the problem.

There are many reasons that families seek therapy. Sometimes there is…

  • A specific problem to be solved (which school does my child attend next year?)
  • A pattern to be changed (communication, family cohesion, playing together, etc.)
  • A dynamic to be restructured (power dynamics in the family are off, someone is sick, behavior problems are hijacking the family)
  • An issue to be processed (trauma, affairs, emotions, hurt, loss, etc.)
  • Sometimes families need to learn a skill and other times they need someone to walk with them and help to mediate conflict and communication.

We meet with families for short term needs as well as longer term solutions.

Let us help you reach your full potential.

Become more resilient, learn to develop better coping skills and begin to find meaning and joy.

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