4 Ways to Complain without Criticizing

If you are in a committed relationship, you are occasionally going to complain about your partner. Valid complaints help us grow and become better partners. We have to learn to complain in healthy ways. But how do you complain without it resulting in a fight? The key is to soften how … Read More

Identity: Your Core Beliefs, Values, and Worldview

Personal identity is a tricky thing. We are always growing, always changing individuals. Just as soon as you think you’ve got yourself all figured out, a new situation or life stage begins and you have to get to know yourself all over again. Our identities are often difficult to pin … Read More

Are You Projecting?

Ever heard the saying, ‘Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black’? It’s a pithy description of the defense mechanism Sigmund Freud referred to as projection.

Projection is the tendency to overlook an undesirable trait in ourselves while attributing it to the people around us.

The Dangers of Comparison

We live in a world where it has never been easier to compare our lives to others. We are probably not even aware of how much time and energy we spend on comparing our lives to others. Social media allows us to stay up to date on what is going on with our friends and family at all times.

Getting Started with Self-Care

Where can we start when we want to start with self-care? The best place to start is with diet, sleep, and exercise. It is impossible to understate how important these three things are to self-care and maintaining your mental health. For example, some research even suggests that diet, sleep and … Read More

Challenging Negative Self-Talk

Internal dialogue often serves as a guide to the appropriateness of our behavior. However, sometimes we can get caught up in a skewed belief about ourselves and then struggle with an abundance of negative internal dialogue. Negative self-talk is a way of applying a label that we have heard or … Read More

Four Meditation Myths

Many people know the benefits of meditation but are still hesitant to practice it. Although meditation seems like it should be simple, it can feel difficult for many people. There are many myths about meditation that scare people away from doing it regularly. Included in this blog are some ways to separate meditation myths from reality!

Measuring Your Anger

If you struggle with anger, taking the time to measure your angry outbursts can be a helpful tool. Anger has such a negative reputation because of the way people react when this emotion surfaces. I often tell clients that anger is a signal that flashes across our lives to indicate that something is happening which may be very important in that one moment in time.

Three Steps to Staying Calm

As an “emotional storm” is approaching, negative thoughts may begin to take hold of you and cause intense feelings of fear, anger, panic or loss of control.

You may think things like:

“I’m in danger.”
“I’m trapped.”
“I’m all alone.”

Work Stress

According to a survey of 2,000 workers by one of the nation’s top EAP providers, 60% of employees reported that they experienced high levels of stress. Another 32% said they experienced “constant, but manageable levels”. In other words, over 90% of employees deal with many levels of stress at work. … Read More