Relationship Navigation for Parents and Adult Children


When kids become adults, the dynamic between the parent and child relationship changes. You will be dealing with different issues than when your children were younger and living under the same roof. For example, it can be difficult to figure out when to give advice and when to stay quiet. … Read More

Parents: Prepare Yourself and Your Child for College!


When teens are seniors and preparing to graduate, they are repeatedly asked whether or not they are ready for college. Have they applied? Been accepted? Chosen a major? Do they feel ready to “live on their own?” While the kids are the ones heading off to class, parents may also … Read More

Confessions of a Change Junkie


I am a self-confessed change junkie. I am much happier in the chaos of transition than with the constancy of the status quo. From the color on the walls to something ‘new’ on the grocery store shelf, I crave novelty, diversity, and movement. Over the years, this trait has become … Read More

Moving: New City, New Life


Moving is hard, but moving through this challenge can make you stronger and a more well-rounded individual. Whether the change is due to school, a job, or just wanting a fresh start, people are moving to new cities all the time. Even if it is a change you are excited … Read More