Wendy Dickinson (Ragland)
Founder & CEO, Ph.D.
Specializations: Stress Management, Addictions, Men, Relationships, Conflicted Divorce, Finances, Career & Leadership Development

Dr. Dickinson is a licensed psychologist. She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University. She is the Founder and CEO at GROW Counseling, GROW Counseling Network, and GROW Restored.

GROW Counseling, a counseling and leadership development organization, assists individuals, couples, groups, and corporate teams to achieve their fullest life or career potential. With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Dickinson specializes in such clinical issues as addictions, crises, faith-based issues, leadership development, stress management, trauma, maximizing productivity, and vocational counseling. She works with a variety of clientele of various ages and backgrounds. Frequently her caseload is composed of men, CEOs, baby boomers, college students, and affluent clients who are looking for a counseling experience that is tailored to their unique needs.

GROW Counseling Network (GCN) operates in North America (serving the United States and Canada) and is composed of nearly 300 counselors and psychologists. GCN offers companies a way to care for their teams by making high quality mental health care available through in-person and virtual sessions. GCN is clinically driven; an organization of highly skilled professionals, not a technology platform. GCN exists to help individuals and organizations become more resilient, learn to develop better coping skills, and begin to find meaning and joy through a variety of counseling services.

GROW Restored Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing counseling services to those in need, both locally and around the world. In 2012, GROW Restored partnered with an orphanage in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi, Africa to train the teachers in play therapy techniques to help the children process some of the trauma they had experienced. Since then, our scholarship program has primarily been focused on supporting clients in their healing process in the United States. We have granted more than $560,000 in scholarship funds, which has resulted in more than 355 clients receiving direct funding towards their care and healing.

Dr. Dickinson has taught extensively at the Graduate level as adjunct faculty and is experienced in both main stage and small group teaching environments. Dr. Dickinson has worked widely in the areas of leadership and organizational development in the United States and internationally. Her work has included leadership initiatives for various non-profit and faith-based organizations directed toward creating successful vision and strategy, developing innovative staff and volunteer training, and implementing team-building procedures.

Dr. Dickinson received her undergraduate degree from Florida State University. Previously she worked at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, in the University Counseling Center. She is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Dickinson is Licensed in Georgia and Florida and through Psypact to see clients throughout the United States. For the list of Pyspact states, click here.