Spring Cleaning: Reducing Clutter!


Spring has arrived in full force; short cold days will soon give way to garden tours, egg hunts, proms, spring break trips to the beach, and the inevitable spring cleaning. As ‘Rites of Spring’ go, cleaning probably isn’t at the top of most peoples’ lists. However, I think it’s invaluable … Read More

Cracking the Code

Consciously or unconsciously, we each have a code we live by, a set of principles, beliefs, values, habits, and biases around which we make decisions and form opinions. In fact, the lack of either a cohesive code or a harmony between that code and subsequent behavior is a prominent source of anxiety. Equally stressful is trying to live by a code adopted through force or assimilation.

First Things First: Elements of Healthy Relationships

We put ourselves in the unenviable position of trying to address our relational health by reacting to negative experiences; relational health becomes a process of reverse engineering, figuring out what not to do. My client’s question suggests a much better approach. To that end, I would argue that three conditions are required to foster and sustain healthy relationships