Speaking Engagements

speakingIf you are looking for an engaging speaker to work with your group or organization, we would love to help. We have therapists who specialize in teaching groups of 5 to 500 on a variety of concepts. We will work with you to tailor the topic to meet your specific needs of your group so that each person can walk away with a clear understand and strategic application points.
We believe learning should be fun and that it’s the speakers responsibility to be engaging, interesting, and helpful. Below are some topics we’ve addressed in the past, but we are excited to dig into new content with you if your need isn’t listed!
Some of the core topics we commonly address are – stress management, mindfulness, relationships, personality at home and in the workplace, boundaries and self-care, emotions & financial health, and life transitions.

The Best You

Talks designed to take people to the next level as they challenge themselves to grow and develop.

Knowing Yourself

Talks designed to help you dig a little deeper.
  • Living fully: Embracing you can write your own ending
  • Hard Wiring: Understanding how personality impacts relationships and careers
  • Emotional Health: Tools for living with Depression, Anxiety, or Grief
  • Beautiful! Beauty, Body Image, and Self-Esteem
  • The Pornography Epidemic: What’s the big deal?
  • Forgiveness: What is it and How Do We Do It?
GROW Parents
Talks designed to support parents as they navigate birth through launching healthy young adults.
  • Social Media: Parenting in the age of mobile devices and online communities
  • Who am I anyway? Developing identity in adolescents
  • Understanding Sexuality: How do I help my teen with their raging hormones?
  • Building the teen tool box to combat depression, self-harm, and suicide
  • Becoming the Best Mom
  • Going going gone: Launching young adults successfully
  • Effective Discipline: Setting and maintaining limits
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