Engaged Feedback: Steps for Transforming Conversations

Relationship conflict is inevitable, and how we go about working through challenging issues can make or break a partnership. Whether with a colleague, friend, partner or family member, being able to discuss challenging issues in a manner that encourages constructive and honest communication is vital for long-term relationship integrity and satisfaction.

If you are looking to enhance your communication skills, and build healthier relationships, Brené Brown has created an ​“Engaged Feedback Checklist”​ to guide you.

Conversations that require us to share constructive feedback and promote self reflection can bring up a variety of emotions. Taking inventory of our feelings, prior to important conversations, equips us with self awareness that informs how we will “show up” in the conversation.

It is a skill to be able to create a discussion that facilitates shared accountability, empathy, respect and avoids disengagement. Let this checklist serve as a blueprint for communication, and see how it can take your conversations to the next level.


Written by: Michelle Rathburn