Living Intentionally During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically one of the busiest times of the year for families. It’s easy to feel lost through it all, like you’re walking in a haze and caught up in the rush. At the end of the year you may think, “Where did all of my time go? Why do I still feel unfulfilled?”

There are numerous articles and blogs that explore living a life of intention. My absolute favorite is the Minimalists. They have a dedicated blog and podcast that urge you to clarify your values and make room for more in your life –more experience, more love, and more passion. 

So, how does this apply to the holiday season?

We’ve all heard that the holidays aren’t about the gifts. But how exactly does this translate over to real life? And what does living intentionally mean?

Living deliberately and intentionally involves three steps:

  1. Clearing clutter from your life–this can be physical clutter or mental clutter.
  2. Making room for the important things in life–relationships, growth, time, etc.
  3. Clarifying your values so that the first two work for you, not against you.

During this holiday season I urge to think about your own values. Values look different for every individual and every family. If you value community, knowledge, and love how does this show up in your life?

Are you cultivating experiences and relationships that grow and nurture your values rather than diminish them? I see stores pushing “things” and selling a message that these “things” will add meaning to someone’s life. The message is especially strong during the holiday season. I am here to remind you that this is simply not the case, but it can be easy to buy into. 

When you live intentionally, you ask yourself a simple question, “How does this thing or experience add true meaning to my life?” Living intentionally means living by your values and cultivating your most important relationships–instead of cultivating things. This mindset can leave you and your family more satisfied.

When we feel like we are authentically living out our values, our relationships grow as does our happiness. 

I urge you and your family to live intentionally this holiday season. I leave you with this simple, yet profound maxim to think about, “Love People, Use Things. The opposite never works.”

Kelsey Ondriezek

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