What Not to Do During the Holidays!

Even though the Christmas carols praised the winter as “the most wonderful time of the year”, the truth is that the holidays can be beyond stressful! It is the time of year of parties, over-commitment, sugar-rushes, family conflict, and a departure from the regular daily routine. All of these can add up to a pretty hectic time of year.

The Holidays: Managing Your Expectations


The holidays tend to come with a lot of extra hype, performance pressure, and expectations. One tool that can help family members enjoy vacations, holidays, and special events is setting realistic expectations ahead of time. Here are a few questions that can help guide that conversation.

Keep the Spark Burning by Focusing on the Home Team!

Couples can actually learn a few valuable tricks from their favorite teams. According to marriage researcher, John Gottman, PhD., happy couples have a few things in common: They have friendship and admiration, they have each other’s back, they handle conflict well, and they have a sense of “we-ness”. With these characteristics, they form a pretty strong team that can handle life’s toughest challenges.

How Happy Couples Keep The Spark Alive

Happy couples have a few things in common: They have friendship and admiration, they have each other’s back, and they share experiences together that create special meaning for them. Date night can be one of the best relationship enhancers out there.

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week (February 9-15) is Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is a week to celebrate all of the good and positive things going on across the world. Sometimes it can get easy to focus on the negative stories and experience. However if you focus on the negative, you may miss out on some truly wonderful good news!

Body Image & Self Esteem Group

Do you wish you felt better about yourself? Are you unhappy with your body? Are you looking for ways to develop more compassion and appreciation for yourself?

Discovering Your Healthy Self- A Workshop for Women

Join Marlayne Whitlock, M.A., LAPC and Stacey Wald, M.A., LAPC, RD for a
morning focusing on the healthy self. There will be time for conversation about the impact society plays in creating an unhealthy self image as well as time for casting a vision for what a healthy view of oneself might include.