Transition: Buying and Selling Real Estate

When we decide to buy or sell real estate, we can go through a wide range of emotions. If the decision to buy or sell is new, positive, and exciting, the decision might be made easier than a decision that is difficult, negative or a major transition.

When buying and selling a home, the change may be a result of a new job, new baby, promotion; or perhaps a divorce, a transition that was unwanted, or the home has safety or accessibility concerns due to a change of life. Even as you are reading this, your heart might be beating a little harder; maybe you cracked a smile as you pictured your dream home…or maybe you began experiencing symptoms of anxiety, as you imagined packing up boxes, hiring movers, and saying goodbye to the place where you have celebrated birthdays and holidays for decades. We all have reactions to transition.

Fear and doubt might creep in when buying and selling a home. After all, these decisions are often touted as “the biggest financial decision of your life” by bankers, wealth managers, and family members. Just to add perspective, according to the Department of Agriculture, the reported cost of raising a single child to 18 is estimated at $233,600. So, depending on how many children your family has and where you live, buying or selling a home might not be the biggest financial decision you will ever make.

As Transition Specialists, we work with many people going through real estate and life changes. Fear and doubt are what get in the way of experiencing the possible benefits of making a transition that could make a positive impact on the lives of your family. Trusting in a team of real estate professionals, a reputable mortgage company, and working with a Licensed Professional Counselor during the process of change would be the ideal team to help with your transition. This team will help you manage the expected fear and doubt that comes with mitigating unwanted experiences, and will help you to focus on the benefits of the transition. After all, you need to be reminded, “what if everything goes right?” during your transition. By being honest with how you feel throughout the process, your transition team will be able to help you work through fear, doubt, and excitement during your transition.

Written by: Adam Glendye