Training Zone! Part 3

We’re about half-way through the training series. Even though this is a 5 week series, I encourage you to try to continue this lifestyle. How have you noticed a change in yourself? Is it physically? What about mentally or psychologically? Often times, when we see physical results, we tend to … Read More

Celebrating Dads

Bill Cosby a father himself said “If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right”. Perhaps what Bill Cosby was getting at in a humorous way … Read More

Follow the Leader… Dr. D’s Guest Blog

Dr. Dickinson is a guest blogger over at Plywood People. Here is a taste – I was working a conference this spring, and one of my roles was to make sure that 9,000 college students walked out of the venue, picked up a boxed lunch, and had a place to … Read More

Training Zone! Part 2

Welcome to part 2! How did everyone do with setting goals and developing a training log? Starting a new regime and training plan can be encouraging. This week, I want to share some ways you can keep yourself going. 1. Implement the Buddy System. Find a compatible training partner or … Read More

Fun ways to connect with your kids

Swimming pools, vacations, grilling out, and no school, you guessed it, summer is here. That means the kids are out of school and are looking for something fun to occupy their time. Before children reach their teen years parents are definitely the most influential people in their life. So that … Read More

The challenging two letter word….

The word no is often a staple in most toddler’s vocabulary, while many adults have a very difficult time uttering this one syllable word.  Why is it that for most of us the first word we learn to speak becomes the most difficult to articulate when we are adults? For … Read More

Training Zone! Part 1

Summer time is a popular time for people to begin training regimes. Maybe you’re training for a 5K, triathlon, or you’re like me and beginning the process of preparing for a half-marathon. Whatever the activity is, it is important to be knowledgeable about the training process as well as knowing … Read More

Can YouTube Relieve Stress and Anxiety By Making You Laugh?

One of my favorite things to do when hanging out with friends is to watch random YouTube videos. Finding something completely ridiculous and having a deep belly laugh at what comes across the screen. Laughter is important in everyone’s life. According to this article, “Humor and laughter strengthen your immune … Read More

Interacting or Connecting?

We find ourselves constantly involved in people’s lives. Whether we’re working with them or whether they’re our family, we are continuously interacting with others. What makes the difference of merely interacting or truly connecting with someone? It begins with interest in them. So often, we encounter individuals in our associations … Read More

Interview with Josh Booth Photography

GROW: Tell us a little about yourself: My appetite for photography started by randomly taking a class in college while taking independent studies in computer animation.  Soon after, I went into Iraq during the war in 2003 to help with aid efforts and photograph the conditions and people I met … Read More