Understanding How Willpower Works

Learning to recognize your own signs when you are stressed is one of the most important steps in improving your willpower. Sometimes simply remembering to stop and take a few deep breaths when overwhelmed or tempted can have a big effect.

Self-Compassion: Incorporating It Into Your Life

Why is it we say things to ourselves that we would never say to even our worst enemy? Harsh self-criticism seems to be the norm. But is it really helpful? Instead try a little self-compassion next time you think you’ve messed up.

Self-Compassion: A New Approach to Well-Being

In our highly-driven culture, the common belief is that success depends on being competitive and pushing yourself to your limits. What if this approach proved to be more harmful than helpful? Recent research shows self-criticism and a competitive attitude create obstacles to achieving goals.

Caring for a Loved One: Resolving Family Conflict

Caring for our family can bring out the best in us but can also cause some conflict. Maybe you have had one opinion about a family member’s care and a sibling, relative, or attorney thinks something else. The stress in determining the role each family member will play can put a strain on even the closest of family relationships.

Caring for Someone with a Mood Disorder: How NOT to Go Crazy

Whether you have just found out or have known for several years, living with and loving someone who has mood disorder is difficult even in the best situation. In the course of any given day, you can feel hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed, confused, hurt, angry, frustrated, and/or resentful. If not dealt with, these feelings can lead to guilt, shame, sadness, exhaustion, fear, and isolation. Know that there isn’t a right or wrong way to feel. Learning how to handle negative emotions is what is most important.

New Year’s Resolution: Two Steps Forward or One Step Back?

January is almost half over. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling like you took two steps forward and one step back. You decided to make positive changes in the New Year and within a few days or even hours, you slip up and revert to your old way of doing things.

Your Family Will Never Inspire a Normal Rockwell Painting

For some, this time of year is full of excitement and anticipation, but for others it is a time of dread and anxiety. The people portrayed in the famous Norman Rockwell painting or in the latest Hallmark movie create a longing for many that this holiday season will be different.