Is he interested?

Working primarily with females, I often have single females ask the million dollar question, “How do I know if he is into me?”  To this, I offer several quick “rules of thumb” in efforts to help best answer this question.

First rule of thumb: A guy will rarely go out of his way to be inconvenienced for someone with whom he is not remotely attracted to. I don’t care how you state it, if a guy that you are talking with goes the extra mile for your, he likes you as more than a friend. There is something about males that they don’t simply care take like females do simply to care take. They do it in order to relationally connect with a woman with whom they are interested. Remember this simple yet true concept!

Second Rule: Ask a friend you feel comfortable with to give you feedback on what they see when you interact. Better yet, ask two friends since they might have differing thoughts. It is important to have others observe to see if there is any chemistry, if you are treated differently, or if they can pick up on body language. Make sure it is friends that don’t get giddy over every simple thing, but can objectively as possible, give you some helpful feedback as to what they see.

Third Rule: Put yourself out there and see if he picks up. NO, I’m not saying to put yourself all over him, but I would suggest that you be around him, make yourself noticeable, and show interest in him.