Preparing for Social Eating Gatherings

The holidays may be over, but social gathering still exist outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years parties. Here are some helpful tips in preparing yourself for food-centered gatherings:

  1. Don’t arrive hungry—snack before, even if it’s a piece of fruit.
  2. It’s ok to save up a little fat or protein before the dinner, but not to the extreme of avoidance.
  3. Look over all the available options and make a plan for the meal.
  4. Allow at least a small serving of the appetizer if it is offered.
  5. Allow at least one bite or one small serving of desert.
  6. You may need to allow for missing foods when you get home.
  7. Eat slowly and take pauses in order to recognize fullness.
  8. Give yourself a signal to stop when you are full, like brushing your teeth.
  9. Once you are done, remove yourself from the food area or move slightly away.

Adopted from Page Love, MS, RD, LD, CSSD, NutriFit Sport Therapy (check out her website for more info)

Cara Engle, LAPC
cengle@growcounseling .com