Handy Hints for Hitting the Books

A few helpful hints for hitting the books at the beginning of another school year. Stay organized with a calendar and set up a schedule to complete homework.  Set aside time to complete projects and mark it on the calendar. This can be more effective than beginning a paper at … Read More

Where’s the Satisfaction?

Don’t you think that when we work for thirty, forty, or fifty plus hours a week there should be a sense of satisfaction from it? Most people do. However, millions of people work every week without feeling satisfied. This can lead to boredom, low self-esteem, sadness and depression. So ask, … Read More

Back to School: Career Transition College Edition

So, you have decided to go back to college after __ years of working or being a stay-at-home mom/dad. I know that this was a difficult choice for you and your family. No longer are you the one dropping your kids off at school, but you are trying to not … Read More

Back to School: Living with your New Roommate

Going off to college is probably one of the most exciting and scary times for a student. You are leaving home for the first time other than for summer camp or spending the night with a friend. Going to college is a lot different than the weekend or week or … Read More