Helping Your 12th Grader Finish High School Strong

12th grade is the culmination of a teen’s academic career, but it can increase stress levels and pressure for teens. Find a few parenting tips for how to encourage and support your teen in their final year of high school.

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week (February 9-15) is Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is a week to celebrate all of the good and positive things going on across the world. Sometimes it can get easy to focus on the negative stories and experience. However if you focus on the negative, you may miss out on some truly wonderful good news!

Navigating the Challenges and Anxieties of Junior Year

Junior year of high school is a time of change and decision-making. High school is coming to an end, and teens must begin to make choices about what they will do after high school. Along with the stress of increased workloads and of making choices about future careers, teens must also manage the increased freedom that junior year brings.