Video Game Addiction

Are you concerned about the amount of time your child/teen/spouse is spending in front of the computer or Play Station or X-Box 360?  How much time is too much time playing games? What are some symptoms of game addiction?


  • Your loved one spends most non-school/work hours on the computer or playing video games.
  • He falls asleep in school or at work.
  • He lies about using the computer or video game.
  • He drops out of after school clubs or sports.
  • He becomes agitated or irritable when not playing games.


The process of breaking a video game or computer addiction is much like treating most other addictions (ie. Gambling, Drugs, etc.) The process is slow, but with determination and setting small goals, one can be successful in breaking the addiction. Usually, a parent tries to remove a computer or gaming system unsuccessfully. Or. Perhaps, the teen’s behavior changes when the computer is removed, but when the computer is returned, the addiction returns.  If you are tired of this roller-coaster with your child/spouse, consider getting professional help for the addiction.


Adam Glendye, MA – aglendye@