Emotional Intelligence: Teaching Kids About Their Emotions

Behavior such as tantrums, aggression, and meltdowns can often (but not always) be a sign of a child’s inability to express their emotions. Often times, challenging or problematic behavior can be linked to a child’s inability to identify their feelings and respond in appropriate ways. It is never too early … Read More

The Players Trust

What better time for players to get the benefits they’ve already earned through The Trust than right now? I recently sat down with Hannibal Navies, Director of Engagement and Outreach at The Trust, who spent nine seasons as a player in the National Football League. The Trust (powered by the … Read More

Trauma & EMDR- Part Two

In Part one of this series on trauma and EMDR, we acknowledged that it’s not uncommon for us to have a hard time recognizing traumatic events in our own lives. The reason we may need to look carefully and honestly at our past is because traumatic incidents often hijack our current … Read More

A Buzzword Defined: What Does Trauma Really Mean?

We hear the word used conversationally—“that was so traumatic!”—and sometimes, it’s true. Yet, many forms of trauma don’t come up in conversation at all. What is trauma, really? In this series, we are going to take a closer look at what trauma means, its effects, and how we can move … Read More

SPA BEAR Part One: Practices to Improve Self-Care

In our society, there is a belief that we have to be busy to be productive, and if you aren’t doing anything, you are lazy. Living a busy lifestyle can increase our stress and decrease happiness. The acronym SPA BEAR provides principles to live by that encourage slowing down and … Read More

How to Procrastinate Well

All of us are guilty of procrastinating at some point in our lives. Procrastination only becomes a problem when we allow ourselves to get too far behind in our work, without a plan on how to catch up. Dr. Josh Klapow, a psychologist and radio host of “The Web” has … Read More

Trauma & EMDR- Part One

Most of us consider a “traumatic” event to be something we hear about in the news – or those terrible things that happen to other people. We reserve the use of the word “trauma” for the experiences of war veterans or survivors of natural catastrophes or terrorist attacks. But trauma … Read More

Date Smarter: Three Ways to Identify a Jerk

Wouldn’t it be easier to date smarter if all jerks (men and women included) had to wear a “scarlet letter J” on their chest? I chuckle as I say this to myself, as if that would take the fear completely out of dating. However, it would be a start to … Read More

What Stage of Change Are You In?

Have you ever felt like you’re ready to start thinking about change- whether it be a habit, a relationship, or even your hair- but you’re not exactly ready to take the steps to make the change? Don’t be too hard on yourself. This could be due to the fact that … Read More

Coping with Rejection

Rejection…when I think of this word, it makes me think of the difficult times I have experienced rejection. It is not one of my favorite topics to think about. However, rejection is part of life that we all experience. As human beings, we have to experience rejection in some kind … Read More