Unconscious Assumptions

Recently I happened upon a TV show about an animal behaviorist who helped people understand issues they were having with their pets. Interestingly, she spent most of her time helping clients recognize the reflexive meanings they unconsciously (and frequently, incorrectly) attribute to their pets’ actions. The most interesting example was … Read More

Should You Push Your Kids to do Sports?

Playing sports, whether on a team or just as an individual, has so many wonderful benefits for children. Studies have shown that kids who play sports are more likely to have healthy lifestyles, learn effective problem-solving skills, and perform better in school.  Playing sports seems to come with a lot … Read More

Forgiveness as Therapy

The idea of forgiveness has long been understood to be good for the soul.  However, there is a growing body of evidence that states that forgiveness predicts mental and physical well-being.  In fact, it’s been found that forgiveness correlates with better mood and physical health. Did you know that there … Read More

Valentine’s Day Blues

Love is in the air! When you walk down the street, you see couples everywhere. Everyone seems to be lucky in love. You may begin to feel like you will be alone forever. It can be easy to sink into despair when you begin to associate your level of happiness … Read More

Tips on Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Research shows that keeping a journal can be great for our mental health. Research also shows that practicing gratitude can be great for our mental health. So keeping a gratitude journal should be extra-great for our mental health, right? Well… it’s a bit more complicated than that. Sometimes yes. Sometimes … Read More

Anger: The Double-Edged Sword

Recently, I read a post from someone I follow on Instagram talking about the double-edged sword that is anger.  She described how her anger started as a healthy and normal response to messed up things she saw happening in our world today: gun violence, police violence, racism, sexism, hatred… and … Read More

Getting the Stress Monkey Off Your Back

The term “stress monkey” is both colloquial and scientific.  Urban Dictionary describes a stress monkey as “one who behaves like a panicked monkey, when placed under minimal stress.” Interestingly, there was a study done with monkeys to assess what type of stress was significant enough to cause ulcers. The Executive … Read More