Help Your Kids Stand Up

As we are all getting ready to send our kids back to school, the topic of bullying starts to become more prevalent. It is plastered all over the news these days with school shootings, cyber bullying, teen suicides being linked back to bullying. Bullying can come in different forms but … Read More

School Schedule Stressors

Like the ebb and flow of low and high tide at the beach, school starting can bring a sense of rhythm and order to the unscheduled freedom of summer vacation.  It can also bring added stressors that impact the family in multiple ways.   Getting all family members out the door … Read More

Rules of the Game

In any game, there are clear rules, guidelines, time-outs, and borders. If someone decides to play outside of the rules, there are clear penalties or the player might even have to take back the move and lose a turn.  Sometimes, the rules are so detailed that the rules themselves become … Read More

Living In the Gray

Do you live your life in the gray? It seems to occur more with people than ever before. What used to be seen as right or wrong has now become questionable. Black and white areas of behavior are not necessarily the norm any longer. Viewpoints of life, quite often obtained … Read More

A Life in the Present

We all have friends who constantly remind us about their childhood successes: scoring the winning touchdown to win the State Championship, winning the third grade spelling bee by spelling the word “expectation”, or becoming the valedictorian of their high school or college class. These conversations always seem to come up … Read More

Clock Watching – The First Three Minutes

In his book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, John Gottman writes about predicting the outcome of a conversation between a couple based on the first three minutes of the interaction.  If the discussion begins with a harsh tone, inevitably it will have a negative ending.  Maybe it isn’t … Read More

Dealing with Pet Loss

GROW was featured on Fox 5! Check out the video clip below… Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 “Anyone who considers their pet a member of the family knows the intense pain that’s felt after losing them. Grief counselor Jennifer Wilmoth says going through the grieving process … Read More

The Sandusky Case and its Painful Ripple Effect

With news of sanctions against Penn State, the statue of Joe Paterno being placed in storage over the weekend, and the FBI report about to be released, the case of Jerry Sandusky continues to reverberate long after the jury has rendered its verdict.  The case has brought to light the … Read More

The Porn Epidemic

Pornography has become one of the fastest growing addictions, around the world, especially over the last twenty years. This is not to say it hasn’t been around for many, many years. Movies such as “Dirty Harry,” which was filmed back in 1971, shows porn shops, and triple X movie houses … Read More

Children, and the Value of Money

As parents, most of us hope to raise our children with respect for others, understanding of life’s situations, and one very important truth: money has value and how you use it can demonstrate either wisdom or a need to better learn. Unless you handed your child a manual on how … Read More