Time for Change

One of the biggest challenges is recognizing when a change would be helpful. Here are a few things that may prompt you to consider a change.

Confessions of a Change Junkie

My affinity for change isn’t inherently good or bad, but context is key; when it comes to coping skills, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Changing Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

We all have ways of coping or have fallen into bad habits, even addictions. You may have decided you want to change. But most likely you have found that actually changing just is not as easy as making the decision to do so. Change is hard for most of us.

Change: A River We Fight or Embrace

The River of Change.

We usually find ourselves entering this river suddenly and unexpectedly. Oftentimes the current is so strong that we are pulled in without a chance of eddying out or resting for even the briefest moment.

Spring Cleaning

As we approach spring and the yearly urge to clean up, clear out, and purge from winter’s dust and doldrums, it’s helpful to think about the benefits of a Spring cleaning!

Coping with Change

Change can be really hard to accept, especially when we don’t have any choice in the matter. Here are a few tips to make the change feel easier!

Goal Setting for the Real World

What if, instead of holding ourselves to insanely high standards and seeing anything short of that as a failure, we started goal-setting in realistic ways?

What if we celebrated our small successes as valid, gave ourselves props for any forward motion, and cut ourselves slack for the moments we’re less than perfect? How might that impact our long term success?