Coping With Infertility During the Holidays

The holidays are a difficult time when you’re in the midst of dealing with infertility. Everywhere you turn, there are children and families enjoying Santa and gifts and celebrations. If you are longing to be a parent, your grief may be triggered as your inability to do so may become more pronounced. This complicates the grieving process that is already built into infertility and the treatment journey.

Friends and Connectedness: How Do I Find a BFF???

“I don’t seem to have any close friends and I’m lonely.”

I seem to hear this a lot from other women, and I’ve felt this way myself. As I have gone through various stages of my life, I’ve noticed that my friendships change: when I moved, when I changed jobs, when I went back to graduate school to change careers, and especially when my marital status changed.

Athletic Teams as Families


When tragedy happens, we all react differently. Some become vocal; some become silent; others need a hug or a listening ear. Athletic teams are no different than a traditional family unit. The individuals may cope in various ways, but the team has a choice of leaning on each other or going separate ways.

Community: Three Ways to Enhance Yours


Community is a word that we hear often. We have our work community, our neighborhood community, community outreach, and even the television comedy Community. Regardless of how you are thinking of the word ‘community,’ we are all members of various groups. These groups help us shape our view of belonging, purpose, and commitment to the group.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO): How is technology affecting us?

FOMO, also known as the “fear of missing out,” has become a common phrase in today’s conversations (or at least for the twenty-something age bracket). For those of you who are not in the loop, FOMO is a term people at times use in reference to their frustration at not being able to be two or three or eighteen different places at once. They even use it in reference to their anger and sadness that they are “missing out” because they were not invited to an event or social gathering of sorts.

Being a Supportive Friend: The DOs and DON’Ts

Regardless of your own experience, you CAN be a supportive friend to someone dealing with the possible end of a relationship. Whether it’s a break-up, separation, or a full-fledged divorce, they need friends to lean on in this difficult time.

Addiction: Reconnecting with Community (Part 2 of 2)

While many western cultures seems to uphold this idea of independence and self-reliance, some other cultures seem to have a different idea of what kind of people they respect and who they see as strong and exemplary. Some cultures see strength in a person who involves others in their lives, plays a part in community, and exhibits generosity and hospitality.

Addiction: Marlboro Man (Part 1 of 2)

A cowboy riding off into the distance. Independent, strong, capable. He doesn’t need anything or anyone. He can come against any terrain. Face any challenge that comes his way. He’s fearless. He’s the Marlboro Man.

Compassion: A Tale of Two Equals


In the recent best seller Daring Greatly, Brene’ Brown quotes Pema Chodron, “…Compassion is… a relationship between equals… Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity…”