Increasing Intimacy: Physical Touch


Physical touch is a language that most people around the world use and understand. Many people use it to convey emotion like affection, love, lust, anger, fear, and a number of other emotions.  In many strong relationships, couples remember the little things that are important to their significant other. Physical … Read More

Does Your Marriage Feel Like a Long Distance Relationship?


Most couples expect that marriage will guarantee increased physical and emotional closeness in their relationship. I don’t believe this is a far-fetched assumption. Marriage provides a shared home, children, interests, and activities. Many of my couples are reporting distress due to the unanticipated physical and emotional distance they are experiencing … Read More

Marriage Love Styles and How to Demystify Them: Part 3


If you’re wrestling in the ambivalence of deeply wanting a steady connection with your spouse or thinking your marriage can’t improve, this blog may be for you. Often this type of thinking is characteristic of a vacillator love style. My previous blogs show how love styles are another way of … Read More

Marriage Relationships and Their Healthy Characteristics: Part 2


In Part 1, we reviewed characteristics of a healthy marriage.  Unfortunately, when these elements break down, the friendship erodes and the relationship can become very negative. The information that I am sharing with you is based on the work that Dr. John Gottman discussed in his book, “The Science of Trust.” … Read More

Mother’s Day When You’ve Lost Your Mom


Losing a loved one is always an incredibly painful experience. It’s not uncommon that even months or years after a loved one has died that you periodically experience grief as though it happened only last week. Often, anniversaries and holidays, like Mother’s Day, are some of the most difficult times … Read More

Marriage and Kids: How Does That Work?


Ready for a surprise? Multiple studies have found that most couples experience a decline in marriage satisfaction during the first three years after a baby is born. Now that doesn’t mean that the parents aren’t thrilled about their new little one, it means that the couple’s emotional connectedness, passion and … Read More

Self-care after a Break-up


We all have experience with a break-up. Whether you wanted the relationship to end or not, it can be quite distressing. Maybe it was an unhealthy relationship that you could not wait to leave, or maybe you were blind sighted by someone you completely gave your heart to. We all … Read More