Don’t miss your life…

Americans as a whole are challenged by being fully “present.” We tend to value quantity over quality. We find ourself looking for more before we have fully embraced what we have. We often settle for skimming the surface of something…say Twitter, Facebook, or emails…instead of seeking to fully understanding. Rather … Read More

Coping with distress

Do you ever find yourself stressing about situations that you really don’t have any control over? What’s that like for you? How does it make you feel? Do you find yourself feeling sad or worried or not so much? There are many factors in life either from the environment or … Read More

“I Am Relaxed”…deep breathing and relaxation exercise

Sit comfortably and quietly. Tell yourself that you are going to use the next 5, 10, or 20 minutes to re-balance, to heal, to relax yourself. Surrender the weight of your body, allowing the chair, or floor, to support you. Close your eyes, gently cutting out visual stimulation and distraction. … Read More

What causes an eating disorder?

What Causes an Eating Disorder? Eating disorders are complex conditions that arise from a combination of long-standing behavioral, biological, emotional, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors. There are some general issues that can contribute to the development of eating disorders. While eating disorders usually begin with preoccupation of food and weight, … Read More

A great communicator…

What does it take to be an effective communicator? It takes the ability to listen. By listening, we learn to understand others. If we want them to know us and care about what we think and feel, it’s important to be willing to give the same courtesy. Do you ever … Read More

Trouble Sleeping?

Time Change? Jet Lag? Having trouble sleeping?? Before you jump to sleep aids, try these healthy lifestyle tips instead:   Establish a relaxing bedtime routine – avoid reading anything stimulating, avoid TV, create a sleep conducive environment, complete exercise at least 2-4 hours before bedtime Avoid before-bed snacks—avoid high carbohydrates, … Read More

10 Steps to Forgiveness

Is there someone or something in your life that needs to be forgive? Here are some practical steps to help with the process. Forgiveness can take a while and is often a process rather than an event. Some of these steps might be harder than others, and there might be … Read More

Cycles of life

Isn’t it amazing how fast we see our life go by? It’s often referred to as “the cycle of life.” We can see it very clearly in those around us who have been on this earth for many years. How do you envision yourself handling the time when your parents … Read More

How Do I Approach Someone Who Might Have an Eating Disorder?

Be patient – eating disorders can be long-term problems Be aware that an eating disorder is an attempted solution to a problem Convey your concerns about the person’s health and function, and avoid focusing on he person’s weight or body size. Speak of your own experience or witnessing of warning … Read More

Taking Risks

Do you have a friend that seems to do everything right the first time? He can fix a car, a plastic toy that his kid broke, program iPhone games in his sleep, and play just about every instrument possible? Perhaps your friend is also an excellent husband who is always … Read More