Get Some Sunshine

So often people will run for the covers when they’re feeling overwhelmed or depressed about life.

However, what might turn out better for many is to lift off the covers and head for the great outdoors. Do I mean to wander off on some trail dodging falling pinecones or broken limbs that jump up and act like a snake to scare the whatever out of you? Goodness no, unless that’s your thing. What I’m talking about is much simpler.

Just go sit on the back deck, porch, wall or anything else that’s available and allow yourself to see all that nature has to offer. Sitting amongst the singing birds, beautiful blue sky and warm sun can do a person good, sometimes where a medicine cannot. It can be hard in the winter months to do this, so make sure anytime you see the sun’s rays peek through the clouds, you take that opportunity to soak in the sun.

Taking just a few minutes to enjoy some relative peace in the stillness that is provided can do wonders for one’s psyche. However you decide to take it in, just do it.

When people feel themselves overwhelmed, sometimes the last thing they want is to sit outside and think about the positive aspects of their life. Yet, it can be just this that brings inspiration to getting kick-started once again and adding new and enjoyable things into one’s life. Also, talking about what’s happening with someone trained and qualified to listen and possibly give some hope and direction, can be extremely effective in bringing new sunshine to overcome depressive thinking.

Written by: GROW Staff

Article Updated: February 2, 2024