How to Have a Bikini Ready Body

Health and beauty exist at every size. No matter what size you are, how old you are, or how many kids you’ve had, you have a body worth celebrating and your body is bikini ready!

Music and Influence: “Boomerang” by Jojo Siwa


It can be difficult to find positive messages and role models for kids today. They’re bombarded by social media and celebrities, so it is refreshing to find someone in their peer group creating catchy music and videos that also send a message of inclusion, acceptance, and self-confidence. Check out the … Read More

Thoughts: Friend or Foe – Part 4


In this series, we are taking a look at some of the most common ways our thoughts can become distorted, causing us to feel depressed, bad about ourselves, negative or hopeless.  In this final installment, we will take a look at Filtering. Filtering occurs when you “filter” out the positives … Read More

What is the big deal about mindfulness?


It’s graced the pages of the Wall Street Journal. It’s taught in classes at Google. It’s even shown up in an episode of Parks and Recreation. But what exactly is mindfulness anyway? And why is it becoming such a big deal? According to one leading psychiatrist, mindfulness is simply the … Read More


Perfectionism refers to one person’s thoughts and behaviors which are aimed at reaching excessively high and unrealistic goals. In other words, many perfectionists set themselves up for failure and unfortunately end up achieving much less than they could. Perfectionism actually blocks the path to success many times.

Learning How to Love Your Body

Taryn decided to learn to love her body mainly because she wanted to be able to pass down a healthy body image to her daughters. Studies have shown that if a mother has an unhealthy body image or disordered eating, this is very likely to affect her daughter.

The Fat Shaming of Women

Have you heard the term “fat shaming”? You can probably ascertain what the term means without an explanation; however, it can be subtle and is so common in our culture that you may overlook it when it happens.