Let’s Get Outside!

Playing outside can help stimulate cognitive functioning, foster resilience, release endorphins, and increase an appreciation for nature.

Stress, Self-Care & Your Kids

Practicing self care as a family supports the relational bond and is a constructive way to model healthy and effective skills to manage future stressors.

Teenagers Today Face A Lot of Pressure


Teenagers today face a great deal of pressure. Adolescence in and of itself can be a difficult time, but today’s teens face unique challenges that older generations have not had to experience. Teens are facing incredible pressure about school, their future, and especially where they fit in socially. Clinicians are … Read More

Starting Senior Year Off Right

Senior Year

Your teen’s senior year of high school is full of many experiences and emotions–it can be easy to allow the events, activities and pressures of your teen’s 12th grade year dominate your family’s lives. This blog suggests a few tips for families and siblings to keep stress at bay during their 12th grader’s senior year!