Communication Tips for Parents of Teenagers

As parents, there are some ways to help facilitate good communication with your teenagers.  I am suggesting three. When you have something in particular that you want to talk about, limit the time and stick to the subject.  We’ve all been involved in conversations where the other person monopolizes the … Read More

Understand your Teen’s Wild Decisions

If you have been around a teen for more than an hour you will start to realize teens make decisions in the world differently than adults. Many parents have wondered if their teen is thinking at all sometimes. What research shows is that your teen is thinking, but just with … Read More

Having trouble speaking “teen”?

Many parents want a better relationship with their teens but navigating the “push-pull” of teen years can be challenging. The teen years are all about young adults figuring out who they want to be in this world. Parents often start to feel the “push” when teens are attempting to separate … Read More

The Key to Happy (and Healthy) Teens!

I’m sure some of you are thinking this post is “too good to be true” and if it isn’t, then you’re expecting me to outline a magic trick. No magic trick here—only a way you are tweak your everyday routine in order to cater to your teens healthiness and happiness. … Read More

Computer and Video Games

Are you familiar with the term “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s) or First Person Shooter (FPS)? Maybe you are too familiar with these terms. Have you let your work performance or school performance slip in the last few months?  Is all that you think about, when you are … Read More

Video Game Addiction

Are you concerned about the amount of time your child/teen/spouse is spending in front of the computer or Play Station or X-Box 360?  How much time is too much time playing games? What are some symptoms of game addiction?   Your loved one spends most non-school/work hours on the computer … Read More

Skin and Technology

For a long time I’ve been noticing that our younger generations don’t know how to have relationships with “skin on them.” That is, they are most used to having conversations and relationships with people in 140 characters (Twitter), soundbites (Facebook), or virtually (video games and cyber chats). None of these … Read More