For the Good of All

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the pressure to fulfill the needs of those around you? How do you respond when someone else comes to you for something? Do you find yourself giving in to them, even though you’re exhausted or out of time? Others will often press those whom they feel will give in to their demands and requests.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to allow yourself to start a new chapter. It’s time to set limits and institute some boundaries.

There will always be those who insist that you’re the only one who can help them. They have gone to many others, and no one else seems to be able to say “just the right thing” as you do. That may be wonderful to hear. Having one’s ego stroked is often great for the self-esteem. However, it often establishes a direct hot line to you each time they’re in need or crisis.

It’s vital for a person to know their limitations.

Whether it’s financial, a good listening ear, driving people to their required destinations, or just being there, you need to know when to say no. After a period of time, the feeling of anxiety when the phone rings will eventually wane. Those who regularly request financial assistance will find themselves seeking those loans somewhere else when you finally tell them that the tap has run dry.

In knowing your limits, you will end up being a healthier you, and that is indeed for the good of all.

Written by: GROW Staff

Article Updated: February 21, 2024