What’s So Relatable About Batman?

If for some reason you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of superhero movies being made these days. Before superhero movies became so popular, the most iconic and successful superhero movies were the Batman films. Also, Batman is my favorite character and I have seen the movies more times that … Read More

Why Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum Need Care Too

For parents with a child on the autism spectrum, it is often valuable to seek out and prioritize services such as ABA, OT, and Speech Therapy for their child. In my experience working with families, supports like these are essential for children on the spectrum. These services come at a … Read More

Feeling Burned Out? Have You Checked Your Warning Light?

I often ask clients, “Would you rather fill your gas tank before or after you run out of fuel?” Predictably, most say they would rather fill the tank before it is empty. This works with a car, but when we are getting burned out, our bodies communicate similarly to a … Read More

How To Be A Man: Messages on Masculinity- Part 1

The message, “Be a man” or “Man up” is the source of great shame for many men and boys. This message often keeps men trapped from being who they really are, and it maintains feelings of isolation. This idea of masculinity is socially regulated by parents, educators, coaches, peers, and … Read More

Perceptions: The Real Reasons for Couples Getting Stuck

In my work with couples, the most common issue I hear in my office is that they want to work on their communication. Understandably, couples sometimes cannot figure out why they are having trouble communicating or repeating the same arguments over and over. This cycle frequently keeps the couple feeling … Read More

Challenges of Raising a Child with Autism


Many parents of children on the autism spectrum face many unique challenges. In my work with these families, I have witnessed the struggled these parents face from the grief and loss of dreams they have for their child. In addition to that, they now have to find services that address … Read More