Finding Meaning in Everyday Life

We are wired to search for meaning or purpose in life. We chase after it in our goals, careers, families, etc. But sometimes it is difficult to find purpose in everyday life. Even when we have achieved major goals, we are still discontent with where we are in life. Purpose means different things to different people.

Our meaning or purpose in life does tend to come from what we think is important. So if we are defining our purpose by something that is going to lead to us constantly spinning our wheels, like money or success, we may never feel satisfied or feel that we have a true sense of purpose.

We may need to take a step back and redefine what purpose means to us.

We also need to stop doing certain things that get in the way of us finding meaning. There are certain cultural expectations of what we should achieve and be in life, but we may need to let go of what society expects of us and focus on what we expect of ourselves. We also need to be cautious of comparing where we are in life to others.

I think there is a common misconception that meaning and purpose in life comes only from big decisions, goals, or achievements.

But we can find meaning in daily life as well. We have plenty of opportunities to find significance in everyday actions and interactions. This does not always come easily to us, so utilizing mindfulness or spirituality can help us focus on what is important and find significance. We have the opportunity to find meaning in each day; we just have to look for it.


Written By: Elizabeth Kraich, LAPC

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