Life After College Graduation – Part 1

When you graduated from college, you were so excited and a little scared to begin this new chapter – adulting! It was both a foggy notion of the future and the longing for the simplicity of college that brought about the first challenges, and some sadness. And with the unexpected addition of the Covid-19 pandemic , things are even more strange and confusing!

The sadness and uncertainty of life after graduation, as well as the quarantine limiting graduation plans, was probably shared among many of your friends. The stress of “next steps” can be daunting. While we receive a plethora of assistance in applying to college and transitioning into college life, most students unfortunately don’t receive much guidance on making the transition from college into working life.  

So where to begin?

Let’s start with direction. Are you struggling with what type of job or career you would like to pursue?  Whether from friends, family or peers, gathering input from those who know you well, and can assist in identifying your talents and strengths, can be invaluable.

Taking your strengths, talents and interests into account may lead to finding a direction. If you prefer a professional approach, there are interests assessments, strengths assessments as well as a variety of other resources we can provide to assist you in your career journey.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the emotional toll of this uncertainty. If you’re feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, please contact a friend or professional counselor. 

We will continue this series in future blogs, so stay tuned!

Written By: Allison Wray