Graveside Grieving

I remember scene from the movie Shenandoah where James Stewart visits the grave of his wife and talks aloud, recalling all events that have taken place in the previous weeks and months.  It is a poignant visual of the potential healing power of visiting a loved one’s grave.  This year … Read More

The End of Photo-Shopping Bodies!

We’ve all read magazines and seen pictures that depict false bodies—the gorgeous model on the cover of a magazine, the new summer dress in that clothing catalogue. Can I get a show of hands of those who enjoy looking at perfectly, manipulated photographs? I know I’m not the only one … Read More

7 Tips for Co-Parenting

A child can easily get trapped in the war and conflict of two parents getting a divorce. Some thoughts of children caught between parental conflicts could be “I need to fix the problem” or “I’m the reason they are fighting”. Neither of which are true from an adult perspective but … Read More

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

When the pressure of life seems overwhelming:  take a deep breath.  Like me, you may have heard that phrase many times.  As a child, it was something adults said frequently, but I never really observed anyone taking a deep breath.  As a child, I simply did not know how powerful … Read More

Back to School: Empty Nest…Now what?

Many parents of young children are thrilled their children are returning to school because they finally have some free time again. At the same time, some parents are gearing up to launch their young adult children into the world of college, military, or the work force and out of their … Read More

Back to School: Living with your New Roommate

Going off to college is probably one of the most exciting and scary times for a student. You are leaving home for the first time other than for summer camp or spending the night with a friend. Going to college is a lot different than the weekend or week or … Read More

Back to School: Navigating the College Transition

So, you’re registered for classes. You’ve bought new clothes. Cell phone is charged and ready. You’re all set. Oops, almost forgot, what about paying for it all? Got the FAFSA forms filled out, if using government funding? Have you been to the school financial aid office? Do they have ALL … Read More

Back to School: Stress Management Giveaway

**CONTEST CLOSED** Enter to win today! Are you stressed out with heading back to school? Vacation memories and packed away and you are getting ready to hit the school year grind? Maybe you are working more than you thought you would and didn’t have time to get away for a … Read More

Back to School: First day jitters

The first day of school comes with a sense of new beginnings – along with those first day jitters which can be in the form of butterflies or bats – depending on your anxiety level.  Most teachers and students greet the new school year with a sense of expectancy.  For … Read More

Censored Relationships

Censored Relationships – Removing the Censor Between Partners Are you able to talk with your partner about your relationship and sex life? If your answer is no,  do not worry, you are not alone.  A lot of times partners find it difficult to talk about their sex lives, even with … Read More