5 Ways to Integrate Silence Into Your Daily Routine

Integrate Silence Into Your Daily Routine

The hustle and bustle of our everyday world does not allow for much silence. Whether we are engaged in a conversation, listening to the radio or watching television, or hearing the hum of background noise in a crowded place, it is rare for us to find time in our day … Read More

Photography as a Creative Outlet to Cope with Depression

The feelings that often accompany depression include loneliness, apathy, and lack of motivation. Becoming lost in our thoughts and feeling stuck are common experiences for those struggling with depression. People use a variety of coping skills to manage their depression, including journaling, joining a support group, listening to music, and … Read More

Find the Right Light: How Lighting Can Affect Your Mental Health

Medical professionals emphasize the importance of daily sunlight exposure for our mental health, but did you know that indoor lighting can also have a significant impact on mental health? We tend to spend the majority of our day surrounded by artificial lighting, whether it be at the office, at school, … Read More

Alternatives to Punishment for Your Child

Do you ever feel as though punishing your child for misbehavior results in more misbehavior? When a child misbehaves, a parent’s natural response is to punish the child. However, research indicates that punishment is often ineffective, and results in the child engaging in behavior that is opposite from what is … Read More

Benefits of Mindfulness on Stress and Digestive Health

Have you ever had a nervous stomach ache before an important meeting, or digestive issues during a season of heightened stress? The brain-gut connection can explain these unpleasant experiences. When we feel stressed, our body releases the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which in turn causes the microbes in our gut to change their … Read More

How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress

Looking for a new way to help reduce your stress? Research indicates that spending time in the soil, and nurturing vegetation through gardening can help reduce stress levels over time. Some benefits of gardening include… feeling connected to nature and living organisms the opportunity to serve as a nurturer a … Read More

Easing Your Child’s Transition to a New School

As a new school year approaches, it is normal for your child to experience back-to-school jitters. When transitioning to a new school, a child may be experiencing an increase in emotions such as uncertainty, anticipation, and curiosity. Whether your child is transitioning from middle to high school or starting school in … Read More