Quick Lifestyle Change that Can Help Reduce Depression

Living with depression can be overwhelming and daunting. Depression can impact the way you feel, think, and handle daily activities. Depression can feel a different for different people depending on the severity of the symptoms. It is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. It can feel really hopeless at times to manage the symptoms and thrive in your every day life.

However, a new research study at Rutgers may have cracked the code on how to begin to reduce symptoms. Researchers have found that combining exercise with meditation can reduce depression.

Exercise and mediation alone have been known to be effective for treating depression. Combining them proved to be even more effective. Participants reported a reduction in their symptoms even if they were only doing the combination as little as twice a week!

Begin your day with some meditation then get outside in the beautiful spring weather for some aerobic exercise. Get the whole family involved too! Exercise and meditation are healthy for people of all ages.

There are many other ways to manage depression and all of its symptoms. Reach out to a therapist today to see how therapy can help!

Laura Lebovitz
LLebovitz @ GROWcounseling.com