Enneagram – Part 1: What is it?

I feel like the Enneagram has taken over conversations in churches, counseling rooms, podcasts, and so many other circles that I run in. The Enneagram is not a new personality assessment. However, it has recently gained momentum, and it has become the norm to hear the question “What number are you?”

I hope through our short series that I can provide a simple overview of this personality typing system and provide a few resources to learn more if you are interested.

So, what is the Enneagram?

The word simply means a diagram of nine. It’s a diagram that explores nine personality traits. Suzanne Stabile says, “Unlike Marston’s DiSC™ Assessment or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, the Enneagram acts as a unique tool for understanding and explaining human behavior, and the underlying motivations that drive behavior and the gifts we all have for the transformation of non-productive encounters with others”.

We’ll continue through this series in the weeks ahead to explore each type and ways that the Enneagram can benefit your work in the counseling room.

Written by: Kim DeRamus Lareau