Michael Phelps and How Therapy Can Make a Difference

We often believe, “If I had their life (a person more successful, with a bigger paycheck, etc…) I would be so happy!” Can you imagine a “better life” than being the most decorated Olympic athlete in history? That is the life Michael Phelps was living, but after two Olympics and numerous medals, he says he was “miserable.” As he has opened up about his depression, Phelps shines light on the impact of mental health.

Through Michael Phelps’ candid interview, he allows us to understand how depression kept him from being content with Olympic swimming success. He explains how mental health therapy gave him the tools to talk about his emotions and brought him out of his spiral of depression.

Most often, people shy away from mental health counseling because they are afraid of what others will think. Perhaps watching this video, it will change your mind about who needs mental health professionals. Truth is, we can all benefit.

Allison Wray