Pledge to Spread the Word to End the Word


The words we use can be incredibly powerful! Words can make somebody smile. They can change the way someone understands a situation. They can also, unfortunately, be really hurtful. You can pledge to end the use of hurtful words.

One of the organizations I’m most proud to support is R-Word, Spread the Word to End the Word. Its goal is to raise awareness about the hurt that calling someone retard, or the r-word, can cause.

The word retarded is an outdated medical term that has been turned into a common way of calling someone stupid or dumb.

However, when you use the r-word, it reinforces the stereotype that people with disabilities are somehow less than those without disabilities. The Spread the Word to End the Word campaign asks people to pledge to remove the R-word from their vocabulary to begin to create a more inclusive and accepting attitude for people with disabilities.

I took the pledge to show kindness and respect to all of those around me. Will you take it too?

Check out their website, and take the pledge for yourself!

Written By: Laura Lebovitz, LMFT