Three Ways to Turn Goals into Accomplishments

It’s been said, “Failure is not the worst thing in the world. The very worst is not to try.” What have you tried lately that has added dimension to your life? How often have you seen concepts or ideas put into place by others that you had and thought about implementing?

There are many ways we spend our time that prevent us from truly fulfilling the goals and aspirations that once gave us significance and meaning.

Remember, “Choice, not chance, determines destiny.” Here are three things you can do to as you pursue your goals and seek to have them turn into accomplishments.

  • Choose to disengage from complacency and engage your decision making power. The choices you are making today weigh heavily on the outcome of tomorrow and beyond.
  • Be willing to consider strongly who your role models will be. Are they persons of integrity and truth or have they become the latest superstar who ends up being a “flash in the pan?” Seek out those who demonstrate purpose in life.
  • True accomplishment leaves people desiring more of what you have to offer, so never, ever, give up on yourself.

As you find yourself putting your ideas into action you may sense a renewed strength. Don’t let it go. Capitalize upon it. Use it to set new goals which may export to others who will hopefully do likewise. Sometimes one’s greatest hindrance to attain new heights of accomplishment is lethargy. Lethargy is like a cancer that spreads to all parts of the human psyche. It’s vital to one’s wellbeing to prevent this from occurring. Use time management wisely and your reward could be monumental.

Remember, accomplishments do not just happen, they are made and achieved.

Written by: GROW Staff

Article Updated: January 12, 2024