Take Care of Yourself This Year

The New Year is a good time to think about how you will take care of yourself in 2016. We may be into February already, but there’s still time to think about and make changes to how you’ll live this year.

  • Do you get adequate sleep each night?
  • Do you generally have healthy eating habits?
  • Are you exercising in some form throughout the week?

How you answer these questions is important because each of these areas impacts how you will feel about yourself.

  • None of us are at our best when we do not get enough sleep. Granted, there are seasons in our lives when we may walk around a bit more sleep deprived than normal: after the birth of a child, when an illness occurs, or when we are faced with a looming decision, etc. But if you are constantly walking around wishing for more sleep, you may want to analyze your bedtime pattern.
  • Our eating patterns are wrapped up in a package that includes (but is not limited to) our families, our emotions, and how we’ve learned to express our emotions. Food often becomes a way of soothing the rough places after a really bad day. If you are practicing the 80/20 Rule, you are eating healthy most of the time, but there is room for the occasional indulgence in some comfort food.
  • Exercising does not mean you are running a quarterly marathon, but it does mean that you are moving your body in a healthy way over the course of a week. Finding an activity that you enjoy is helpful. Maybe this is the year you try something new. Ride a bike, hike a mountain trail or take a walk around the block.

Now is the time to set goals regarding the ways you’ll take care of yourself this year. Make them simple and attainable. What you decide now will help set the tone for your whole year.

GROW Counseling Staff

info @ GROWcounseling.com