The Promise of the Holiday Season


In a world consumed with commercialism, it can be easy to lose sight of what the holiday season is really about.

We tend to focus on superficial aspects of life and then fall hard when those things crumble before our eyes.

Delicious food, presents, and lots of laughs are part of the holiday season, but not the main part of the holiday. The holidays mean different things to different people. With all the holiday stress that happens, people tend to lose the magic of the season.

  • Magic – As a child, I used to count down the days until Christmas on my chocolate advent calendar. I remember tossing and turning all night and waiting until I could come downstairs to open all my presents and hang out with my family.  There was just something magical about the season. The air smelled different, there was so much happiness, and all of our problems were suspended for a few days.
  • Family – Sometimes family relationships can be a source of stress during the holidays. However, even though my beliefs and life is vastly different than a lot of my family, I like to focus on what I like about them. I may like to believe that I am nothing like them, but there are certain parts of them that I can enjoy. I especially enjoy that I can ride home from the holidays with my husband, and we can laugh about all the crazy things or actions of our families.
  • Religious Aspects – The religious aspect can be divisive for some. However, for my family, our religious traditions are what made Christmas so special. Going to church on Christmas Eve, seeing friends, and singing carols are such a special time. Reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning before opening the presents was a key element in reminding us the promise of the season. It is important to remember that everyone’s promise may be different, but think about the aspects of the holidays that you enjoy and savor those moments.

Chelsey Beauchamp, MS
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