When Our Kids Become Adults

As of now all of my children are adults.

I’ve come to learn and appreciate them for their wisdom and understanding. To see them maturing into the persons they are does my heart good. I know I. had something to do with the knowledge they express when we have discussions about important topics such as finances, relationships, their future, etc. Over the last few years I’ve heard them voice in so many ways thoughts about what life is like for them. It seems a short time ago when I’d hear them just as children concerned with kids’ concerns.

Appreciating our children when they begin discussing the person they’re considering to marry, which I’ve had the enjoyment to do with both of my boys, and now discussing that idea with my daughter about the guy she’s “just dating,” whatever that really means, brings home the idea of what opportunities I’ve had over the years to be a part of my children’s lives. To know that they’re beginning families of their own brings to light even greater discussions of what adulthood really means for them.

Seeing how each one has assumed the responsibilities of adulthood helps me as I counsel with people. It has helped me to better understand the different points of view that are expressed in the counseling office. It can even give me clarity as to where variousbeliefs come from. When adult parents start understanding the ways in which their adult children react to certain words or phrases it can help the relationship all the more.

Froma Walsh wrote a book titled “Strengthening Family Resilience.”

She says, “Good communication is vital to family functioning and resilience.” There can always be clearer communication and deeper understanding between parents and children. Parents appreciating their adult children for the wisdom they have can assist the relationship in those areas.

Written by: GROW Staff