A Lesson In The Art Of Complaining

A common complaint from clients within their relationships involves the struggle to communicate a feeling or complaint and additionally apologizing. In part one, we will discuss the art of complaining. 

How a complaint gets brought up can either increase or decrease the likelihood of actually being heard and understood in most cases; the intent is to know that your feelings matter.

One common complaint is when an issue comes up, and the complaining becomes about all the other mistakes and hurts that you have caused. This pattern often leads to the listener becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. Typically this is a lose-lose scenario where no one gets what they want. 

Complaining effectively in relationships is an art form. Whether you’re looking for resources for your marriage, dating, or family relationship, I recommend you check out Esther Perel’s video on Complaining, Comparing, and Coping. She shares stories and explains how to complain effectively and be heard. 

Keep a lookout for Part 2: A Lesson In The Art Of Apologizing!

Written by: Dustin Ellis