Working Through Pain

It’s important to explain and express our emotions and to not suppress them. We might feel like suppressing them will help us to avoid feeling the pain, but when we attempt to avoid pain we attempt to avoid life, because pain is part of life. However, one of the most important things to remember is that painful feelings will pass.

You won’t be consumed by a painful feeling, no matter how much it makes you feel like you will. 

Think back to a time 2 years ago where you were either sad, angry, or confused and now take a look at where you are emotionally today with the experience you just recalled. You were hopefully able to realize that those emotions eventually evolved into something else. The depth of the sadness, for instance, did not remain long enough to destroy you because we as humans are resilient and emotions are constantly changing.

It can be very enlightening to acknowledge the constant changing of emotions when it pertains to decision making.

There is a quote that says, “never make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.” This quote refers to the fact that if we make decisions based on our constantly changing emotional state, our consequences will suffer. 

Instead, recognize when your emotions are heightened, take time away from the situation without suppressing your emotions but instead working to sift through them calmly, and eventually come back when you have reached a space where you can address the situation without feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. 

Remind yourself that this will ultimately pass.

Written By: Jasmine Tyson